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Business Loan

Unlock your business’s full potential with financing that’s as adaptable as you are. altbanq delivers financial solutions crafted around your specific needs, not the other way around.

Term Loans Tailored For Your Goals

Get approved for a term loan in 24 hours or less, with funds potentially available in your account on the same day of approval.

Streamlined Process
 & Full Support

Apply in under 5 minutes and get guidance from a dedicated loan advisor.

Fast Financing

Bypass typical financial delays, offering 
same-day loan approval and fund access.


Select from multiple funding options with various amounts and terms available.

Small Business

Don't Need to Stay Small

At altbanq, our term loans range from $100,000 to $10,000,000, ensuring that whether you’re a small business dreaming big or an established business leveling up, you have the resources needed to realize your goals. With our terms extending up to 24 months, you can choose the repayment option that suits you best.


Start Moving Forward Today

Experience a hassle-free application process to determine your eligibility — it’s that easy to get you moving forward.


altbanq is an Alternative Finance provider that was launched to fund businesses faster and more reliably than traditional financing sources. altbanq is comprised of industry veterans with the shared goal of providing small business owners with the resources needed to build a solid financial foundation to grow their business.

Our process is seamless and tailored with a business owner’s need for capital in mind. The process is simple and allows for same-day approvals and funding within 24 hours. Upon applying, an Underwriter will evaluate the business to achieve maximum approval.

Our funding range is $100,000 – $10,000,000.

Applying for financing with altbanq is quick and easy.

Simply fill out an application that requests basic business and ownership information.

Connect to your bank via Plaid, which is a read-only bank verification tool, or provide the three most recent months of business bank statements.

Applying is easy and free.

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SOS Capital is now altbanq!

After 10 years as SOS Capital, we’re thrilled to announce we are now altbanq! Offering upgraded lending solutions, with the addition of our new payment processing services.