Privacy Policy

altbanq prioritizes its customers’ data security by offering utmost confidentiality as customers use their ‘Site’ or ‘Services.’ altbanq might use customer data only for the purposes clearly defined in the policy or for the betterment of the services. The guidelines might be updated from time to time, so users need to stay tuned to it.

What data is collected?

altbanq collects all the basic information while registrations – including name, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, bank details, and social security number. Under certain exceptions, other data like payment history might be collated to enhance customer experience.
Why is the data collected?

The collected data might be leveraged in any of the below manners:
· To improve or personalize services.
· To verify customer identity
· To register the user with personalized details for high-end account security
· For background verification or to check eligibility to receive funding
· To process and serve all your financial transactions
· For improvised customer service
· To develop and improve the website experience and offerings

Is your information secure?

At altbanq, we have developed a robust security framework, supported by a comprehensive set of practices to secure customer data. All customer communication is processed and encrypted through extensive Secure Socket Layers (SSL). Such encryption allows us to maintain privacy, limit access, and ensure appropriate data use. Also, a well-skilled team of advanced data security professionals supervises the entire process to guarantee ‘zero misuses of data.’

Do we implement cookies?

altbanq uses tracking technology (cookies), to make the website user-friendly, secure, and efficient. Most of them are session cookies, which get deleted automatically at each session end.

What about the third-party data disclosure?

altbanq might share the information with their trusted business partners who assist in customer service, site maintenance, and business operations. But, the data is only shared once the third-party commits to its integrity and confidentiality. We do not sell personal data or otherwise provide it to third parties without the prior consent to do so. Below listed are the categories of third parties with whom the data might be shared:

· Affiliates
· Service providers, which may include social media companies, advertising and marketing firms, fraud prevention agencies, tech-centric companies, and credit bureaus;
· Our reliable partners and collection agencies;
· Or the data might be shared with any third party post seeking your consent.


Also, we may disclose your information in the below circumstance:

· To comply with legalities
· As a necessary authorized way to combat a security breach
· In case we get involved in any merger, transfer, acquisition, sale, or auction
Which processes might involve using your personal data?

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

· Internal analytics and service monitoring
· Assessing the performance of third-party vendors or service providers
· Audit, policy, procedures, compliance, or regulation
· Seamless billing, payment, and fulfillment process
· Resolving customer claims
· Fraud investigation and prevention processes
· Customer communications
· Enriched customer relationship management
· General business administration and service improvisation
· Individual marketing of products and services
· Promotion of our trusted legal partners
· Detailed financial accounting and reporting
· Website maintenance and performance optimization
· Systems and Information security
· Maintaining or servicing accounts.
· Verification purposes
· Evaluating employment of candidates

From what sources is the personal data collected?

The personal information might be collected from diverse sources, including our websites, telephone, text message, mobile applications, postal mail, forums, message boards, social media, chatbot, or other means.

We also reserve the right to lawfully accept customer data from our authorized partners for improving our services and offerings.

What are your Privacy Rights?

As per the law and our commitment towards our clients, you reserve the following rights:· Right to Know – You will be aware of how we collect, disclose, use, and/or sell your personal data as applicable.
· Right to Delete – You reserve all the right to request the deletion of any or all your personal information collected by us, only to the extent it doesn’t disrupt our service delivery.
· Right to Opt-Out of Sale – You can exercise all your right to anytime opt-out of the sale of your personal information by us.
· Right to Non-Discrimination – You have the right to equal treatment; we have no discrimination policy in our company.
The rights mentioned above are subject to exclusions and exceptions under applicable laws.

How can you contact us?

For more information regarding altbanq’s Privacy Policy, or to raise any query regarding the same, you may contact us in the following ways:
· By calling us on: 212-235-5455
· By emailing us:

SOS Capital is now altbanq!

After 10 years as SOS Capital, we’re thrilled to announce we are now altbanq! Offering upgraded lending solutions, with the addition of our new payment processing services.